This amazing 9-year-old has survived despite doctor's predictions and now asks for everyone's prayers as she faces one more life-saving surgery.

Just a few years ago, Sophia was a normal little girl. A sudden stroke changed all that. Now, after three more strokes and several small ones, she and her family are struggling for answers. She's been diagnosed with a disease so rare there are no other known cases.

Karen Campa-Peters, Sophia's mother, explained that the blood vessels in her brain are slowly closing and has led her to suffer four massive strokes at the age of 6. Many doctors walked away from her case, unable to help. She has already undergone brain surgery at Cook's Hospital in Dallas.

Now, on Friday, January 26th, Sophia will undergo surgery one more time. This time, she's asking for everyone's prayers. "I want God to be bombarded by prayers on January 24th," Sophia told us.

"With less than two weeks until Sophia’s brain surgery, she has asked that the entire world come together and pray for her on the day of the surgery," reads a recent update on Sophia's website. "Share her request and story on every social media site you can and ask everyone to make her wish come true to have everyone pray for her on January 24th!"

Sophia Campa-Peters
Sophia in the hospital (The Campa-Peters Family)

Lonestar 99.5 had the chance to talk with Sophia in our studio and hear her powerful story in her own words.

Sophia explained to Lonestar 99.5 how she was able to recover from her seizure with God's help. Unconscious after the seizure, she said that she heard a voice telling her to get up. She told the voice that she wanted to sleep, but the voice insisted she get up. When she regained consciousness, her parents were in tears at her bedside in the hospital.

The doctors have had no way to explain how she's survived so well, other than to say, "God is on this little girl's side" when her brain amazingly defied what was possible and began revascularization on its own.

You can read more about Sophia's incredible story on her website NinjaKittenSophia. You can also donate.

This is an incredible story. I believe in the power of prayer and hope that many, many of us will take time to send her the prayers she requests on the day of her surgery, January 24th.

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