A man is lucky to be alive after he was swept out to sea with only a half-deflated football to cling to.

According to Metro U.K., a man named Ivan found himself in a precarious situation last week when he got caught up in powerful currents off the coast of Myti Beach in Kassandra, Greece.

Friends immediately became concerned and alerted the coastguard. However, Ivan was soon declared lost at sea.

Seemingly by miracle, Ivan managed to stay alive when a child's lost football floated towards him in the ocean in a tale somewhat reminiscent of the film Cast Away.

He clung onto the ball for an astounding 18 hours until rescuers spotted and rescued him from the water.

Following the rescue, a photo was taken of Ivan and the ball that saved his life, and the story was widely covered by Greek media.

After the picture was shared on the news, a mother came forward when she recognized the ball as the toy her sons had lost 10 days before the tourist was rescued.

Somehow, the current pulled it 80 miles away from the island and toward Ivan.

Ivan is currently recovering and insists the ball is the reason he is still alive today.

His friend Martin Jovanovski, who was also swept out to sea at the same time, remains missing as of reporting.

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