Craig Stapleton, a 51-year-old veteran skydiver, survived an 8,000 foot jump with no working parachute. Read his story and see the video of the jump below.

Stapleton was making a jump with a flag. He had two parachutes but both failed! During his mid-air stunt he spun for three minutes before hitting the ground going about 30-miles-an-hour. Unbelievable that he survived with only a few bruises.

According to ABC News, everything went wrong with jump from the start. He was attempting a stunt called a flag jump with his friend Katie Hanson, but he was traveling too fast. After that he tried to open his main chute, but only half of it deployed. He tried his auxiliary chute, but that went right into his main chute and stuck there. He prepared for the landing by getting into a crouch so he could roll upon impact, but he lucked out. He landed in a row of grapes in recently plowed soil that he said was "very soft."