With that fall feeling in the air, it finally feels like November and that means Thanksgiving. But what do ducks have to do with a Thanksgiving tradition in Arkansas?

When it comes to Thanksgiving traditions for me it's the family all getting together and of course, all of the awesome food that each family member brings for lunch. From my grandmother's totally homemade mac and cheese to the dressing to my father-in-law's smoked turkey, you better make sure you save room for seconds. Oh let's not talk about the desserts.

I went to the internet to find a new recipe for my family to bring for Thanksgiving and I stumbled across a site bestthanksgiving.com which talked about the best Thanksgiving traditions in every state. So of course I had to share. We will start with our neighboring states.


Four Men Watching a Football Game on Television
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In Texas, it is all about the Dallas Cowboys. The Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Cowboys football game. A literal right of passage from me as a kid. The goal was to always stay awake longer than the adults so we could make another run through the desert table.


Louisiana is all about Turducken, college football with the "Bayou Classic", and let's not forget the gumbo.

So what about Arkansas? Remember my hint earlier about ducks? Well, it has nothing to do with turducken.


This is what the site bestthanksgiving.com had to say about the World Duck Calling Championships held in Stuttgart Arkansas:

Stuttgart annually hosts the World's Championship Duck Calling Contest & Wings Over the Prairie Festival. Held every Thanksgiving Week, the festival is the largest outdoor expo in the Mid-South promoting the sport of duck hunting

So Arkansas is all about duck calls and hunting around Thanksgiving. The first Duck Calling Championship was held way back in 1936 in conjunction with the Arkansas rice carnival.

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