Tremaile Prelow told us he thought the pictures people were posting online were photo shopped until he saw the sign for himself! "The crews have just finished repairing the street and I couldn't believe none of them caught that sign" said Prelow about the new sign. Tremaile found the new sign located "right behind the southern classic on w.70th street by I 49" where it's still located today.

Photo Courtesy of Tremaile Prelow
Photo Courtesy of Tremaile Prelow

The sign reads W. 71th St when it's supposed to say W. 71st St  Somehow this managed to make it past several people before being placed in it's current location. Unconfirmed but according to other people commenting on the post this isn't the only sign like that on the street either.

Now I'll be honest I'm not the best when it comes to spelling or grammar but luckily all my mistakes are online and are easily fixed.. Not costing tax payer money! Yikes!

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