Score! That's what we yell when we see a yellow car while driving the kids to or from school, running errands or on a long road trip.

What games do you play to keep sanity in the car while on road trips?

Our game started back in December when there were Christmas lights and decorations out. You get one point for lights and decorations and a 'touchdown' for a yellow vehicle. Since there are no lights or decorations out now, it is just a score for a yellow vehicle. The vehicle must be operational, no junkers. No semis, boats, 4-wheelers, machinery or work trucks are counted. My dog doesn't like when I play because I get too excited and scream "SCORE" so I have had to tone it down a bit.

Paula called in with a game called "Kirby Tag." When you see a Volkswagen bug, describe it with color and what it looks like. You must to have a witness. Her son could not pronounce Herby from the Disney movie so that's how they came up with Kirby.

What games do you play to pass the time with your kids when traveling in the car?