On Tuesday (July 1), Robin Thicke will release his new album, 'Paula,' which is dedicated to his estranged wife Paula Patton. For the past few months, the blue-eyed soul crooner has been on his "baby, please forgive me" tour with his song, 'Get Her Back.'

At the 2014 BET Awards on Sunday (June 29), he performed the piano ballad 'Forever Love,' which he dedicated to Patton at the onset of his performance.

Most of the songs on Thicke's new album are about Patton. On 'You're My Fantasy,' the singer croons about how much he misses his wife touching his body. "I never could have made it without you," he coos over bossa nova-styled productions. On 'Too Little Too Late,' Thicke admits to his errors and promises to love her every chance he gets.

But not everything is all about Patton. There's the retro-funk jam 'Living in New York City,' the jazzy 'Love Can Grow Back' and the '50s doo-wop-inspired track, 'Tippy Toes.'

One standout tune is the touching 'Still Madly Crazy,' which is a beautiful love song that will make your heart swoon. Thicke has reportedly shot a video for the ballad featuring 8-year-olds reenacting a wedding. “They’re singing the song and they have cake and they’re all dressed to a T,” he said (quotes courtesy of Rap-Up).

Thicke's 'Paula' boasts 14 tracks, while the Target exclusive disc features three bonus songs, including an acoustic version of 'Get Her Back.'

Only time will tell if his begging and pleading will bring Patton back into his arms.

In the meantime, you can stream the album in its entirety via USA Today.

Robin Thicke's 'Paula' Tracklist

1. 'You're My Fantasy'
2. 'Get Her Back'
3. 'Still Madly Crazy'
4. 'Lock The Door'
5. 'Whatever I Want'
6. 'Living In New York City'
7. 'Love Can Grow Back'
8. 'Black Tar Cloud'
9. 'Too Little Too Late'
10. 'Tippy Toes'
11. 'Something Bad'
12. 'The Opposite Of Me'
13. 'Time Of Your Life'
14. 'Forever Love'
15. 'Too Little Too Late' – Acoustic (Target Exclusive)
16. 'Get Her Back' – Acoustic (Target Exclusive)
17. 'The Opposite Of Me' – Acoustic (Target Exclusive)

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