It has finally happened y'all. Shape wear jeans are set to hit Levi's website in less than a month. Not to quote Hannah Montana or anything...but you really will get the best of both worlds with Levi's new Revel line of shape wear jeans.These jeans will shape your body giving you the figure you've always wished for!

Levi's already has a line of denim named Curve ID which is intended to target women's specific curves, but the Revel line is slightly different.

Revel is a new revamped line that will combine figure slimming materials with regular classic denim. I mean hey, it'll take Spanx right out of the equation!

The new denim line is supposed to slim the outer thigh, lift in the back, and flatten your stomach. The line will be available in black or indigo colors and skinny or straight styles. The line will debut on Levi's website August 4.

Not that I'm not excited about the combination of Spanx and denim into a jean or anything, but I kind of wonder what this says about America. If you know what I mean. Oh, and sorry gentlemen, this is really only beneficial for the ladies.

Regardless...go ahead have that extra slice of yummy pizza because soon your jeans won't show it!