Texarkana, Texas residents will have the recycling service return next month.

The Texarkana, Texas side had a regular daily recycling day included with their regular garbage pickup. Did you know that Texarkana has gone from only 4 percent to over 65 percent recycling in the past ten years? Now is your chance to make a difference.

Recycling can be broken down into three basic elements.


This is one of the easier things to accomplish. Think about all of the trash you throw out. What if you were to buy more fresh items, like more fresh produce instead of frozen? The packaging is way less for fresh broccoli than frozen broccoli, therefore you have less waste wot worry about.


Reuse is a situation that I feel our area is lacking. We could reuse the basic bags we put our groceries in, and even refillable containers for some products.


This is where we can make the most difference. Think about all of the stuff around your house right now that you are not using. How about all of those old computers, tablets, or even the junk drawer full of all phones. Did you know that they can be reclined right here in Texarkana? Best Buy, Domestic Violence Prevention and The Salvation can take these items. Walmart will even take your old tires and pay you for them.

Paper, plastic bottles, food containers, flattened cardboard, and paperboard even food and beverage cans can be recycled. Please make sure that no food is in your recycling items.  Please put the recycling in the bins, not in bags. Those residents in Texarkana Texas must be sure to have their recycling out on the curb by 7 am on the designated day for pickup.

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