The Primal Flow Studios will have a great weekend planned for you to come to see what they are all about.

The Primal Flow studio will have its open house and grand opening on Friday from 4 until 6. Then you can come to enjoy the unique world of Acrylic pour painting with a special class. This type of painting is also known as 'Fluid Art'. Kegan is the owner and he will also be teaching this class.

In this class, you will learn the basics of techniques and therapeutic qualities of fluid art. Each student will have the chance to learn different techniques and paint multiple pieces that they will be able to pick up after 1 week to take home!

The pieces that the class attendees produce will be allowed to dry in the studio, then are sealed and glossed before pick-up. Each class has to opportunity to do multiple color combinations, no two classes are the same.  The combinations of colors and techniques the students can use are endless.

This is an adult class - please no students under 12 years old without direct confirmation with Kegan. Children's Classes will be made available!

For tickets and more information, you can go here.

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