The Texarkana Regional Arts Center presents the art of Carol Flori .Carol Flori started off here career path as a nurse. For 40 years she held that position until her one time hobby, painting led her to make the jump to a  professional artist. Carol is self taught, she has spent every opportunity learning and painting. Carol was inspired by the large amount of watercolor exhibits at the Watermedia 2000 event in Houston, Texas. And the watercolor medium is her main influence.

Flori has taken here extensive knowledge of the watercolor style to help other artists in this format. Flori has taught and held workshops, she has also written an instructional book on the subject.

Flori is a member of various watercolor societies in Arkansas and Texas as well as Louisiana.

The Regional Arts Center is located at Texas Blvd and 4th street and of course admission is free.

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