Poor Snowball. He is a rescued cat that has lived outside all of his life which is about two years. He had a chance to become a house-cat and live the couch life, if only he hadn't decided to pee on it!

I don't normally have cats up for adoption because I run a German Shepherd rescue and well, mixing cats and stray dogs is usually a hair-flying disaster. Snowball rescued himself by showing up in my hay barn. When we couldn't handle the spray-smell anymore, I trapped him and it was off to the vet for a little snip-snip. Now, I can hardly get him off the porch.

He is a such a loving cat. When some friends said they were looking for a house-cat I jumped at the chance to get Snowball an inside gig. I guess Snowball didn't understand what the box of litter was for though. He got deported within 24-hours. Poor kitty. Its back to the country for you!