A guy named David Eckert got pulled over back in January when he drifted through a stop sign in Deming, New Mexico. And when he got out of his car, one of the cops thought it looked like he was clenching his rear hiding drugs.

Deming New Mexico is about 35 miles north of the U.S. Mexico border so the police got a search warrant to do a cavity search. But a doctor at a nearby hospital refused to do it, because he said it was unethical.

So they took David to another hospital, where he was X-rayed. But it didn't show anything, so next they did a cavity search, followed by a second cavity search. Then they forced him to have three enemas and X-rayed him again.

Finally they forced him to have a COLONOSCOPY. But again NO DRUGS. Not surprisingly, David is now suing pretty much EVERYONE involved, including the city, six different cops, the hospital, and two doctors. And he's going to win HANDS DOWN.

Because in addition to the all-out ASSAULT that was performed on his backside, the hospital was in a different county, where the search warrant didn't APPLY. Plus, they did the colonoscopy three hours after the warrant had EXPIRED.

But as if David needed ANOTHER kick in the pants, the hospital is trying to BILL him for the procedures, and threatening to sue if he doesn't pay.

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