These puppies need your help, they need many prayers to help them pull through an illness that has taken most of their litter mates already. The litter started with thirteen and now there are just four sweet, adorable babies trying to hold on to life.

I run a German Shepherd rescue in Southern Arkansas and received a call from the animal shelter in Texarkana regarding a pregnant German Shepherd that had been surrendered to the shelter. She was very pregnant and they felt she could start giving birth at any minute. She started having babies the very next day, which was a Friday, and didn't stop until sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The mother was in poor health with heartworms and other intestinal parasites on top of not having enough nourishment for many months prior to becoming pregnant. Those little babies wiggled all around like inch-worms. Two of them died within 48 hours. The vet checked them out and did not find any signs of illness which led us to believe it must have been that there were too many pups and the fight for 'feeding stations' was more than the smaller ones could manage.

Two weeks went by with no issues. The growth rate was a bit erratic though. One of the pups was huge compared to the others, by three pounds. Two weeks after the first two pups died, the others came down with an upper respiratory infection. Another puppy died. Antibiotics were started for the rest of the litter. This was the beginning of a downhill spiral for the litter. Another one died after that and three more have been euthanized. We had four under vet care over the weekend and on Wednesday, the two remaining girls were able to go back to their foster and are spunky babies. That leaves two boys at the vet still. I'm asking for your help. We need lots of prayers for these pups because it really doesn't look to good for one of the boys and the other is not out of the woods either. Updates will follow as I know more.

This runt is doing so well that she was released to go home:


Chunky Monkey: