Some folks just don't know how to park their vehicles or just don't care enough about others to try. That's why I am really enjoying this new Facebook Community Page. If the cops, or fire marshal don't get you, they might. So, cut out all of your pimp parkin' and straighten it up!

It's called "The People of Texarkana that Park Like Douchebags". If you haven't seen it, check it out. You may be on there somewhere... I was. It is meant to be for fun, and most people are having a good time on it. Hard for somebody that did a poor job of parking to argue their case when there are pictures. I have posted a few, and one lady... listen, I thought the name of the page could be a little less harsh, but she argued in such a way that the title made sense.

Go take a look when you get a chance, and if you catch somebody really parking bad... SHARE!

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