Tips for Photographing Fireworks
I love taking photos of everything, but one thing in particular that is hard to capture in real time is fireworks. Where you are sitting has a lot to do with it, so do a few other factors. These four tips will definitely help you out this weekend at Sparks in the Park.
Family Photos
Holiday parties are times when everyone comes together and has fun, which makes it a great time to get pics of people with their happy face on but sometimes it is difficult to get everyone together to take a group photo. Either someone is totally unruly, someone isn't there yet or people start leavi…
People of Texarkana that Park Like Douchebags
Some folks just don't know how to park their vehicles or just don't care enough about others to try. That's why I am really enjoying this new Facebook Community Page. If the cops, or fire marshal don't get you, they might. So, cut out all of your pimp parkin' and straighten …
The Winner Is...
You've all sent us tons of photos, more than you've ever entered before. You've made us smile, laugh and exude more than a few "awwws." And you've voted, submitting nearly 2,000 votes! So who won the Family Fun Photo Contest? The results are finally in!

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