Patti LaBelleis truly one of a kind. One of the greatest entertainers of the past half century, the veteran singer has always been known for her piercing vocals and having the aura of a diva. Beginning her career as lead singer of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelle's, she would go solo after the group disbanded, releasing her self-titled debut album in October of 1977.

The album was a hit among fans and laid the foundation for Labelle's solo career, but her subsequent releases failed to have the same impact as her debut effort, leading Labelle to make a switch to Philadelphia International Records in 1981 and returning to form with her fourth album, The Spirits In It.

While critically acclaimed as a performer prior to its release, LaBelle's sixth solo album, I'm In Love Again put her back on the map due to multiple hit records, including "If Only You Knew," which has gone on to become a signature in the singer's catalog. In 1984, she was tapped to record songs for Eddie Murphy's blockbuster movie Beverly Hills Cop, which further increased LaBelle's profile.

Deciding that MCA may be a better home for her as an artist, LaBelle would cut ties with Philadelphia International after the release of her seventh solo album, Patti. The collection, which was released on July 3, 1985, would fail to reach the success of its predecessor and is often overlooked in the R&B legend's catalog.

In honor of the album's 30th anniversary, we listened to Patti and picked the five best songs from the album that make the collection such a gem. Enjoy.

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    "Love Symphony"

    LaBelle kicks the album off with the lively selection, "Love Symphony." Written by Linda Womack, the production is an up-tempo groove dominated by drums and rapid hand-claps amid guitar riffs and groovy keys. She sings her heart out on this song and turns in a stellar offering that is sure to get your feet moving.

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    Labelle takes it to the dance floor on this uptempo number, which was produced by Bunny Sigler. On the song, the veteran singer is talking to those who may get butterflies when they are around their object of affection. Supported by background vocalists on the chorus, Labelle shines in a big way while delivering a tune sure to induce a two-step.

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    "Living Double"

    LaBelle turns in a delightful ditty in "Living Double." Produced by Bunny Sigler, the track is an upbeat affair with the R&B legend's perky vocals gliding over with the song. Overall, LaBelle's romantic yearning is infectious.

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    "I Cant Forget"

    Labelle showcase her stellar vocal skills on the standout offering, "I Can't Forget You." Featuring an infectious soundbed that's pleasing to the ear, the track stands a cut above the rest on the album with enough passion to spare.

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    "What Can I Do For You"

    "What Can I Do For You" sees LaBelle hitting on all cylinders and may very well be the highlight of the album. Spinning a tale of lust and physical attraction, the veteran songstress owns the track with her refined nuance and signature feisty swagger.