Texarkana College and the Texarkana Museum Systems Presents "The Nancarrow New Music Symposium" at the Stillwell Humanities Building in Texarkana.

The symposium will take place on September 8th at 6:30 pm at the Stillwell Humanities Building at Texarkana College 2500 North Robison Road in Texarkana.  This is what the museum systems had to say about this truly unique composer:

Still relatively unknown in his hometown of Texarkana, Conlon Nancarrow's impact on the international music society involves as much depth as his musical genius. Conlon was one of the premier composers to use auto-playing musical instruments to expand music beyond the limits of human capabilities.

Conlon Nancarrow was born in Texarkana in October 1917 and soon moved to Boston where he played in a jazz band, joined the Communist party during the Spanish Civil War, and traveled to Russia.

Upon his return, to the United States in 1939 he was looked at negatively for his beliefs in the Communist party. He then moved to Mexico in 1940 and began his career. This is where his composition style gets crazy. Conlon Nancarrow is known for his Steampunk Black Midi style of music.

These composers strive to see how many notes they can cram into a single composition. Conlon Nancarrow pioneered this form of music almost 50 years ago and it is stunning to experience. It is so complex it is not possible for humans to duplicate it and it even goes against the laws of physics.

Check out this video to learn more.

Here is his study for piano player number 12. It really gets cranked up at the 1:40 mark.

Can you believe this guy was from Texarkana? The event is free to attend and I have included the event page here.

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