Ok, today, Tuesday, February 21, is National Pancake Day in most places, but around here, we have our own version, and this year it takes place on Saturday, March 4.

That's when you are all invited to enjoy and delicious breakfast for a great cause, and for sure one of my favorite charity days of the year, the 65th Annual Pancake Day hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Texarkana.

Maple syrup pouring onto pancakes. Shallow DOF with focus on syrup and butter.
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This yearly event benefits a bunch of local Texarkana charitable organizations. The Kiwanis Pancake Day event is an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. The breakfast includes pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee, juice, and milk, plus it's all-you-can-eat, so enjoy until you're full.

This is the primary fundraiser for your Texarkana Kiwanis to fund scholarships for local kids and individuals with special needs.

Kiwanis Pancake Day with sausage 2023 - Canva
Kiwanis Pancake Day with sausage 2023 - Canva

Pancake Day events also include a Bake Sale, a pancake eating contest, and a kid's area with plenty to keep them entertained while you chow down.

How Much?

Just $5 per person.

The 65th annual Pancake Day begins at 7 AM and goes until 1 PM for you late sleepers. Texarkana College is once again the venue for the event at the Truman Arnold Center.

There's still room for your business to get involved as a sponsor as well, contact the Kiwanis Club of Texarkana to find out how.

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