The City of Nash and Nash Elementary School teamed up for a special 'social distancing ' parade yesterday.

The parade was held yesterday and traveled through much of the town of Nash Texas. The school district had these rules about the parade and how the kids and adults could participate.

We ask that you stay in your own yard or driveway and practice social distancing from your neighbors. Do not come into the street near the car parade. We want you to remain healthy and safe.

The parade had over 70 cars in it and we were very fortunate to be a part of such a great event. My wife is a second-grade teacher and had this to say about the parade.

This school year may be a historic one but let me tell you, tonight history & memories were made in Nash, TX. I lost count of how many current & former students that I saw as well as how many times I cried. Wes Spicher and Mario Garcia both stepped up & volunteered to be in the parade with us. 70 vehicles and ALOT of happy educators and kids! My heart is full! And I got to see my people!!! Thank you to everyone who made this happen!

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