Carry that Germ-Ex every where you go because  Germs love to grow on anything human hands touch-such as door handles, elevator buttons and grocery carts.

A recent study in 4 states showed that 72% of push carts tested positive for the bacteria you'd find in a dirty diaper. So it's no surprise that Clorox is promoting its handy wipes. You often see them dispensed at the front door of grocery stores. Also, most people inherently understand how dirty the carts can be. People are reluctant to take a cart they know was recently used. They prefer to take a cart with cold handles. I prefer to just carry surgical gloves with me or keep a bottle of hand sanitizer to clean my hands before, during and after shopping. I know, as if shopping wasn't already hard enough now shoppers have to practically put on their bubble suits and brave the crowds now you have to worry about germs on carts. get ready though pretty soon we'll have an App for that.. Happy shopping everyone!