A fire broke out at a medical marijuana facility. Hot dog vendors flocked to the area to set up!

JerseyShore's Snooki says she is tired of not using her real name: Nicole. What about "Obnoxious" or "Under Arrest." Better just stick with Snooki.

I saw a headline on MSNBC.com asking, "Is It Your Clothes That Are Making You Look Fat?" The answer is: No! It's the supersized with fries, triple burger with quadruple cheese, overloaded, double-stuffed crust deep-dish pizza that's making you look fat. Hello people!

Did you hear about the man that held up a McDonald's drive-thru and demanded food for his hungry, pregnant wife. He went to jail which is probably a safer place than going home empty-handed to a very hungry, super cranky, pregnant woman.

Homeless guy turned voice-over star Ted Williams is entering rehab on the advice of Doctor Phil. HOMELESS no more.