Sure, the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft has been available for download for a while and the physical retail versions are coming, but what about the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita editions?

This post from Apr. 16 on the EU PlayStation Blog points to the release of the physical, retail version of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition next month. While the release of the retail version has been known for quite some time, the interesting part comes when Mojang's Owen Hill takes to the comments section to answer some questions from the fans.

PlayStation Plus member ElWaster said, "I know you guys are working super hard on the PS4/Vita Versions, but do you have an estimation of when we can expect it? Q2, Q3, Q4?"

It took Hill until Apr. 22 to respond, but he said, "Sorry for the late response! We're aiming for Q2/Q3."

Looks like we should start prepping the rest of our PlayStation machines for the integration to the wonderful world of Minecraft. We'll update you more once a solid release date has been revealed.