It's been a while, three years, to be specific, since Miley Cyrus released an album, but now that she's about to return to the music world, she says she's not concerned about whether or not there's a place for her on today's pop charts next to the current crop of female stars.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine for its March cover story, Miley says, "Katy Perry's been my friend for five years, and I'm not ever gonna let our work get between that relationship.  If Katy sticks with being Katy, and Ke$ha is Ke$ha, and Rihanna is Rihanna, and I'm me, there's room for everybody."

The 20-year-old former Disney star adds, "The problem is when people look at [Lady] Gaga and say, 'Oh, that works; I'm going to be like that.'"

As for what the new record will sound like, Miley says despite the fact that she collaborated with both Mary J. Blige and Tyler the Creator on the disc, she "really didn't want to make a hip-hop record."  She adds, "I'm not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki...That's not my vibe."

Miley tells Cosmo that when she was a kid, her big brother would give her Nelly CDs, while her dad, country star Billy Ray Cyrus, had her listen to country music icons like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash.  Her mom, meanwhile, is "a complete metalhead."  As a result, Miley says, "This record is a weird mixture of all that."

There's no release date or title yet for Miley's album, which will be her first since 2010's Can't Be Tamed.  Meanwhile, she's planning her wedding to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, and say's, "We just want it to be small, with the people who we’d take bullets for."

She adds, "I don’t want to be looking at those photos and see people that I wish hadn’t been there.  C’mon, I can’t even get coffee without a million paparazzi following me, so I don’t know why anyone thinks I’m going to have this huge, extravagant wedding.  That isso not who I am.”