With fall officially here now is a good time to get out this weekend and do something outdoors. Here are five cool things you can do in Texarkana.

1. Cam Works Car Show. This show will be Saturday in downtown Texarkana and will benefit Cam and his family with his hospital bills and rebuilding their home.

2.Great live music in Texarkana.  There are some great bands to check out. From the sounds of The T Town 5 to The Moss Brothers you can listen to some great local bands,

3. Benefit for Christopher Cartwright. This fundraiser is Sunday at 67 Landing in Texarkana.

4.  Kids Yoga Class. This class is today and will give your young children an introduction to Yoga and its benefits.

5.  New Guidelines for Arkansas  Governor Hutchenson has told all businesses that serve alcohol that they have to close at 11 pm.

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