LMFAO will wrap up their Sorry for Party Rockin' tour in Toronto, Canada, on the Fourth of July, but on Friday, they stopped by New York City's Central Park to perform for a crowd of more than two thousand screaming fans as part of Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series.

Backstage at Good Morning America, LMFAO's Redfoo told ABC News Radio that for him, the highlight of the tour so far has been "being surrounded by family, day in and day out."  He's speaking both literally and figuratively, since his partner in shufflin', Skyblu, is not only his band mate, but his nephew, too.

Redfoo added that "family" includes everyone in their entourage, including the dancing robot and the rest of their on-stage dancers.  "The crew that we roll with is so fun and funny," he says, "and it's just been a blast seeing all the different people, the different arenas...and just really getting to party with the party animals."

Skyblu said that he enjoys meeting the fans and hearing from them that they all come to "just have a good time" at the shows.  "They say we're their excuse to let loose, you know what I'm sayin'?" explains Sky.  "We're their excuse to come and dress, you know...however they want, really."  He recalls, "We saw a dude at the meet-and-greet that said he's the King of Shuffletopia.  And he had a cape on, party rocked out, and it was awesome!"

When the Sorry for Party Rockin' Tour does wind down, LMFAO won't stop,  they're booked to perform at festivals around the world for the rest of the summer.  In addition, there are their collaborations with other artists.  Redfoo confirms that they recently teamed up with Carly Rae Jepsen for a track on her upcoming debut album, after meeting her in the airport in Canada.

"She was just by herself with like five or six bags and then we said, 'Hey, can I help you with these bags?'" Redfoo recalls. "She turned around, it was Carly Rae.  We said, 'Hey!'  And, so, we just chatted it up, talked, and we wrote some stuff over the phone and she went down to the studio, recorded it in L.A., and we're just going back and forth."  He adds, "It's gonna be a big smash!"