The train wrecks of all train wrecks, Lindsay Lohan was arrested this morning.
Lindsay Lohan was arrested in downtown Manhattan early this morning after she allegedly hit a pedestrian.
According to sources with law enforcement, the actress was attempting to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel around 2am when she clipped an unnamed 30-year-old man on the knee with her car.
This factor, however, didn't seem to be too much of a concern for Lindsey, who checked the car for damage and then just went into the hotel.
Witnesses say the man did not look visibly hurt but was admitted to the hospital. Someone at the scene called the police while she was inside, and when she finally emerged around 2:30am, she was arrested on the misdemeanor of leaving the scene of an accident!
According to the police Alcohol was not involved in the accident, and no bail was assessed.

After seeing Lindsey's mom on Dr. Phil, I think her father would be the best [person to step in and try to get his daughter into some sort of program to get her straight once and for all.

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