Dear Texarkana drivers, please learn how to properly merge onto the highway.

Texarkana has been growing and with that growth, it has seen an increase in traffic on the highways. We have had some major road work that has changed the way we get around town. The new one-way access roads and those weird u-turn options on the overpasses have been one of the big changes we have had to deal with, but when the highways were first modified we had these big acceleration ramps and long off-ramps to make sure we could get on and off of the highway safely.

Now with the ongoing highway work, those off-ramps and acceleration ramps are much shorter and I have almost been in a few wrecks because people have literally stopped on the ramps trying to get on the highway. I know it can be pretty scary at times but you coming to a complete stop on the on-ramp is a serious issue for all of the drivers behind you. I found an instructional video on youtube on how to properly merge on the highway.

So after watching the video the number one thing I can tell most drivers in Texarkana is to make sure you are at highway speed on the ramp before you get to the highway please. most folks I get caught behind are at least 10 miles an hour below the speed limit and then they are not prepared for the oncoming traffic which causes the driver to slam on the brakes and cause a backup of cars behind them making the issue even worse.

So make sure you are up to speed when you get onto the highway. Hopefully, when all of this road construction ends it will be easier to merge, but for now, speed the hell up, please.

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