When the Migos are rapping, one may experience momentary loss of bodily control, resulting in dance moves and pantomimes that would otherwise be unrecognizable. And no one is immune to this phenomenon, not even other famous rappers, as Lil Wayne demonstrated recently during a performance.

The above video comes courtesy of LilWayneHQ, and if Weezy is still bothered by his label and album disputes with Birdman, he isn't showing it, as it rocks, sways and flexes to the track. Wayne and Migos have collaborated in the past on Sorry 4 the Wait 2's "Amazing Amy," the mixtape's final cut. The video doesn't come with many details like where Wayne was or what song he's dancing to, but from the looks of it, he's on some sort of DJ partition.

While there's plenty of tough talking and mean mugging that goes with being a rapper, letting loose and having fun is equally important. Wayne's dance moves surface just days after Tyler, the Creator was spotted dancing in the middle of the street, potentially to Kanye's "Freestyle 4" of which he has a documented appreciation for. Last April, XXL compiled 9 rappers with signature dance moves, and while Wayne may not be starting any crazes or trends with his two-step, he certainly sets the tone right with the above moves.

Watch the video up top. Earlier this month (April 20) the Migos announced that their next project will be No Label 3, previewing some of the music fans can expect. Whether Wayne is included on the project is yet to be determined, but given his response in the above video it wouldn't be too surprising.

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