Today I came across a video from Mathew McConaughey talking about finding your true happiness and how he chooses to live every day.

I know, what does a Hollywood star know about finding true happiness? I thought the exact same thing but after watching this minute video I have a new found respect for Mathew and everything he talks about in the video.

I have loved him back in the "alright, alright, alright" from "Dazed an Confused" days to his current projects. So many times we see an actor or an actress and we make this assumption that the star we see is all that they are and in this video, Mathew shows he is so much more.

Please be advised there is some adult language and situations in the video but the message is clear. Take a little time to listen to the entire video and you will have a whole new respect for Mathew McConaughey.

Make it a point to save or bookmark this video, that way you can go back to it and remember what is truly important to you and your loved ones.

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