Lady Gaga graces the cover of the upcoming issue of the new fashion magazine Porter, which has posted a behind-the-scenes interview with Mother Monster on YouTube.

In the interview, conducted by candlelight, Gaga shares her philosophy on art. She says it’s nice to “receive things with your mind as a blank canvas,” so that when you hear art, you won’t perceive it in the same way that others might.

The topic of conversation then turns to sexuality, which she says doesn’t play a big part in her life. She continues, “It’s much more of an animalistic, pure thing, and I struggled with understanding it my whole life because I felt more connected to male artists and more connected to rock and roll, more connected to glam culture.”

Gaga also declares, “There’s a certain power in ignoring any sort of pretense about sexual orientation or gender.”

In the clip, Gaga also performs a stripped-down version of her ARTPOP title track.

Porter has released the cover shot for the Gaga issue, which hits newsstands Friday. It’s not your typical crazy Gaga shot: it’s simply her with her blonde hair brushed down.