Ahoy, mateys!  Lady Gaga turns ship's captain in an unaired Saturday Night Live sketch that's now been posted online.

The sketch, which didn't make it to air this past weekend when Gaga hosted the show, features Gaga and every female member of the cast portraying ship captains in the 1800s, with a voice over explaining that women had to take to the high seas when all the men fell ill with either scurvy or herpes, nobody is sure which one.  Gaga's the one who's actually steering the ship, and it gives her a chance to do her best "arrgh!" pirate voice in fact, all the women do even though they're not actually pirates.

During the sketch, the women run into mermen those are male mermaids deal with a stowaway, sing several sea chanteys, and keep a lookout for the dreaded white whale, "Moby Puss."  When asked why Gaga is so intent on destroying the whale, she replies, "She borrowed my earrings and never gave them back. And then she started dating my ex-boyfriend, Doug!"

Unfortunately, the sketch pretty much goes nowhere after that, which may well be why it was cut from last weekend's show.