Wednesday was Lady Gaga's 26th birthday, and of course, she was bombarded with love from all her Little Monsters, who flooded her Twitter and Facebook page with their best wishes. She posted what she called "the best birthday present ever" on her Facebook page and linked to it on Twitter as well.

The gift is a video montage of Gaga photos, performances and interviews interspersed with photos of her posing with fans all around the world, and individual photos of Little Monsters expressing their devotion to Mother Monster. "You teach us to be ourselves and not give up on our dreams," says one portion of the video. "We wish you love, happiness, luck...Happy Birthday, Gaga!"

Gaga wrote on Twitter and Facebook, "This is so sweet! The best birthday present ever. I love little monsters so much. Thank you so being in my life! Thank you so much for all your Birthday messages. I'm having a wonderful day! #BornThisDay. 26! To 26 more years of touring with you babes!"

She also posted a new photo of herself wearing shades and a black and silver headdress, along with the caption, "I can be, the Queen that's inside of me. You guys are the best." That's a lyric from her song "The Queen," from her Born This Way album.

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