A seriously cool dad made a real transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake for his son.

A 6-year-old kid in Australia recently asked for a Transformers birthday cake, and either his dad is an engineer or just really cool. Maybe both.

I have a 7-year-old son and we have had our fair share of cakes from "Lightning McQueen" from the movie Cars to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to even a Thomas the Train birthday cake. But this cool dad takes the birthday cake to a whole new level.

In the video, the cake starts out looking like Optimus Prime as a truck. Then they hit a switch, and it stands up and transforms into a robot. The dad admits that mom baked the cake, but he was responsible for the electronics that made it truly remarkable.

As far as cakes go this one is one of the best cakes I have seen. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?

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