On National Sibling Day, members of KiddNation called in to the show to talk about sibling fights and Kellie Rasberry revealed something very interesting that she and her brother used to do.

The question was presented to KiddNation, 'Did you ever fight with your sibling?' Members sent in text messages and called in to share their stories. Morning show producer Nick recalled a time that he got into a rough altercation with his brother that resulted in a lot of blood.

Members of KiddNation shared stories of a sister peeing on a Barbie convertible car so that no one else could use it, while another member shared the story of them stabbing their sister in the butt with scissors and others!

Then there was Kellie Rasberry who shared a very interesting (and potentially disturbing) of what her brother tried to do her. Watch, listen and read what all was shared in the following.

Robin Bradley
My brothers and I were playing hide and seek. Beings the youngest and the only girl I tended to give away my hiding spot often. So my oldest brother “helped” me hide in dryer. I knew it must have been a great idea until I realized they were tricking me into getting me out of the room so they could take “my” game time.

James Cave
When my brother and I were probably 14 and 15 we had a new alarm system installed on our house. He got grounded and I found out he was sneaking out. So one night I set the alarm. He tried sneaking out his window around 2am and the alarm went off. Woke everyone up. Of course I got in trouble!

Michael Brandon
Back around 94 I was helping dad work on a car and my brother was bugging the crap outta us. He was 7 and our neighbor had a goat and dad told him to go catch that goat. He left us alone for a little while… well about hr later we heard the goat cutting up and we crawled out from under the car and we seen my bro getting dragged by the goat. He had caught the goat by the nuts!

Stacie Logston
I once broke my own arm in my bedroom door and blamed my brother, he was grounded for a really long time and was never allowed back in my room unless I told him he could. I never told my mother, even though my brother had tried to tell her she didn’t believe him. I didn’t tell her until a few years ago since we are both adults now, and I moved half way across the country from West Virginia to Texas.

Victoria Hahn
My brother was such a jerk that when i was 5 we had a tornado warning and he and i we alone at the house witing for our parents to come back fro the store.. he told me mom and dad were back and to go help carry stuff in… so i went out only to have the door shut and lockedon me while he laughed and told me that tornados sucked up little girls that cry… i was sooooooo scared! Karma got him back though because he littereally got picked up in the greensburg tornado in his van… guess tornados pick up jerk face brothers instead! LOL

Jimmy Lao
When i was in middle school my sister and I was arguing when she hit me in my chest. I got angry and she started running down the hall. I chased her and then jump kicked her in the back. She flew into her room then her face bounced off the corner of her dresser. She got up then blood and teeth started falling out of her mouth. She ran to my mom, who called the cops because she thought i was trying to kill the family. It was pretty crazy!

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