Can you believe the 4th of July Holiday is next weekend? If you are curious here are all the firework shows in the Texarkana area in one story.

There will be plenty of cool fireworks for you to see, but your pets might not like all of the popping and sound from those fireworks. Keep your pets safe with these tips.

  1. Identification: Make sure your pets are wearing identification tags. It is easier for someone to find you than it is for you to find your dog. You can also microchip your pets.
  2. Leave pets at home: Anywhere fireworks will be set off is not a place for your pet.
  3. .Put them inside: Give them a quiet place to go. Inside your house and you can even provide a radio to help with the noise.
  4. Calming techniques: If your pet is an anxious type, you may want to try a few calming tricks. Thundershirts are available for cats and dogs of all sizes. If your pet is afraid of thunderstorms, the fireworks will really scare them, so plan ahead. Talk to your vet about possibly using medicine to help.

If your pet does get lost here are 3 things you can do to find them.

1. Check the animal shelter daily. You should physically go to the shelter and look for your pet. Here are the phone numbers to report lost animals the City of Texarkana, Texas Animal Control 903-798-3971 City of Texarkana, Ark., Animal Shelter 870-773-6388.

2. Texarkana Gazette 903-794-3311 (small $10 fee to run an ad with a pic or just a line ad in the classifieds is very inexpensive)

3. Facebook. You can post your pet on the various lost pet spots on Facebook.

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