Earlier this year, Katy Perry received an invitation to a military ball from a former soldier in Utah's National Guard. She's apparently pretty popular with the men who serve our country, because she's just been asked to another ball by an F-18 pilot.

Lieutenant Clayton Heyward, who was based in California before he was deployed to Afghanistan recently, has posted a YouTube video that invites Katy to be his date at the West Coast Hornet Ball for F-18 pilots in Fresno. The clip spoofs Katy's hit "E.T.," and the lyrics include a small jab at her ex, Russell Brand: "You looked so sad at Coachella/Russ Brand really messed up/I can make you beam/You gotta admit, though, Arthur was pretty epic."

A message on the video's YouTube page from Heyward reads, "On the heels of my second deployment to Afghanistan, I was able to squeeze this video out days before heading to sea aboard the USS Nimitz. On my return this part-time extraterrestrial hopes to take Katy to the West Coast Hornet Ball for F-18 pilots."

He also addresses Katy at the beginning of the clip, telling her, "Not only am I three hours away, but I'm from Georgia."

As of Monday evening, the video had been viewed on YouTube more than 23 thousand times.

Heyward didn't disclose when the ball will be held.