It looks like Justin Bieber really, really doesn't want to be reminded of his relationship with Selena Gomez.  He's apparently made it a part of his contract for any photo shoots that her music isn't to be played in the studio.

TMZ claims to have gotten its hands on Justin's "rider" or list of demands for his photo shoots, and alongside a lengthy rundown of stuff the singer needs to have on hand are some notes, including "No Selena music on set."  In addition, the rider orders, "do not speak to talent" that's Justin, in case you forgot and "no autographs."

By the way, just because the Bieb doesn't want "Come and Get It" playing in an endless loop on the set doesn't mean that he doesn't want any tunes at all: the rider insists on three boomboxes and an iPhone 5.

There's also a long list of clothing that Justin demands be available during a photo shoot, including packages of white tank tops, white crew neck tees and lo-rise socks in various sizes.  As for food, Justin demands deli and veggie platters, Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter sandwiches, apple-flavored Nutri-Grain bars and Haribo Cola Gummies.

A rep for Justin say's that the rider is a "fake."

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