More trouble for Justin Bieber.  The singer is being investigated for reckless driving in his California neighborhood.

Steve Whitmore, spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, said that at 8 p.m. on Monday night, two people in Justin's gated community spotted someone whom they believed to be the star behind the wheel of his white Ferrari, driving "extremely erratically, at high rates of speed."  They called the local police station, who responded.

Noting that this is not the first time that Justin has been accused of driving erratically in his neighborhood, Whitmore adds, "Two witnesses have already come forward and filed a report. We’re investigating [this] as a misdemeanor reckless driving and planning on presenting [the case] to the DA."  Whitmore believes this will all happen pretty quickly.

Earlier this year, Justin was accused of getting into an argument with a neighbor and spitting on him, after the neighbor objected to the singer driving at high speeds in his neighborhood.  There haven't been any new developments in that case for quite some time.

An email to Justin's rep seeking comment on the current situation went unanswered at press time.