From the perspective of a morning show DJ, a good night's sleep is majorly important. I hate to admit this but I've actually fallen asleep in the middle of telling a story on the air and woke up at the end wondering how that just happened. I wasn’t getting good sleep so something had to change.

We know that job performance is affected by lack of sleep and making a living is very important, and not getting enough zzzs can also affect your skin, weight and overall health.

I've recently added adjustable foundation to my bed -- where the head and feet can be raised or lowered -- and I absolutely love it. It relieves the pressure on my lower back that was causing me so much pain in my last bed. There were times I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get out of bed without help because I was in a lot of pain. That's not the way I want to start my day.

Something I learned when shopping for a mattress. It takes time to find the right bed. I had a very knowledgeable sales person named Jason who helped me. I told him about waking up hot and miserable at night. I also told him about how my body ached every morning. He suggested the Serta iComfort mattress because it has material in it that helps keep you cool.

I put one hand on the new material and one hand on the old material and watched how quickly the new material released the heat. The material in my current mattress held the heat for a long time. With that information, he told me it was better for me to not go with a pillow top mattress. That was very good information and explained why nights were so hot and uncomfortable on my old mattress because it was pillow top and had the heat holding foam right against my body.

Buying a mattress is one of the most important purchases you will make. It affects your daily life so make sure to go to the experts at America’s Mattress. When your new mattress is delivered, you can try it out to make sure you are comfortable and reaping the best benefits possible. Sleep on it for 30 days. If you aren’t totally in love with it you can exchange it for another mattress. America’s Mattress gives you a 120-night guarantee. It is important to sleep on your new mattress for at least 2 weeks before you make any decisions. That’s how long it took my body to adjust to the new way of sleeping.

I now wake up well-rested and ready for the day ahead. I absolutely love my bed. The adjustable foundation has made such a difference in my quality of sleep. With the adjustable foundation I am able to relieve the pressure on my lower back and it helps with my acid reflux. I have the foundation set to have my feet elevated enough so when I get up in the morning my feet feel great.

There are three main types of mattresses to choose from: Innerspring, Memory Foam and Hybrid. The mattress I have now is the new iComfort mattress. It is made with Serta’s exclusive EverFeel® Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam, which is an advanced material infused with millions of gel beads that respond to your body in three ways:

  1. Helps relieve pressure points for increased comfort.
  2. Provides added support to help with body alignment.
  3. Aids in temperature regulation while you sleep.

Choosing this mattress was a no-brainer for me. It is as if they made the mattress especially for me! I am so happy with my new bed from America’s Mattress. I sleep in the perfect position and temperature for me. I feel like I should go back to the store and hug Jason.

If you are not getting the best night’s sleep from your mattress, go see my friends at America’s Mattress on St. Michael Drive in Texarkana, Texas, and let them help you like they helped me.

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