A Tennessee judge's decision to change a baby's first name from Messiah to Martin is getting very strong reactions from people who believe the judge may have overstepped her powers and those think parents creativity may have some limits.

During a recent court case to establish paternity the judge changed the name from Messiah DeSean Martin to Martin DeSean McCullough giving the boys his father's last name replacing Messiah with his mother's surname.

Messiah may not be a traditional English name, but it is becoming more popular. It was number 4 among the fastest rising baby names in 2012 just ahead of King behind Major at number one. Other names that are common with religious backgrounds Muhammad and Jesus which is a popular Hispanic name.

Jalissa Martin,the baby's mother, is appealing the decision and when asked by a television station why she chose the name she said liked the way it sounded and it went well with her other two kids names Micah and Mason.
Here is a video of the news report.

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