Mississippi came in at #1 in this research, #2 was our neighbor to the South, Louisiana, bringing in the bronze medal, Arkansas, is a solid #3 on the list of the worst snoring states of America. 

#1 - Mississippi

Congratulations Mississippi, you earned the top spot in this countdown coming in first place of Americans who admit they snore with 16.8% of the state, or 492,328 people who fessed up to the malady.

Are you ok? - Canva
Are you ok? - Canva

#2 - Louisiana

Don't laugh Louisiana, your numbers were not much better, 16.4 % of the state admits to being a snorer, which translates to approximately 746,755 people.

Tried everything - Canva
Tried everything - Canva

#3 - Arkansas

And here we are... thank goodness we didn't come in first, but we're not too far off the mark at 15.9% of Arkansans admitting to rattling the rafters in their sleep. That would be 487,041 people in the state admitting to snoring. It also happens to be a tie with West Virginia, percentage-wise they are at 15.9% as well, or about 280,600 people in the state.

Back sleeper - Canva
Back sleeper - Canva

If you live in the Ark-La-Tex, then you are probably interested in a few other surrounding states as well...

#10 - Oklahoma

Oklahoma is still in the top 10 with 15.3% of the state sawing logs at night, or 619,400 people.

#15 - Texas

As a percentage Texas comes in at #15 on this list, what stands out though is the total number of people. Since Texas has a much larger population than these other states listed above, 14.7% of Texas is roughly 4,483,540 people.

Does Weight Play A Part?

Jim - December 2021 - December 2022 - Canva
Jim - December 2021 - December 2022 - Canva

It did for me, more on that in a minute.

What Can Be Done?

According to MattressNextDay, there are several things you can try to help with the snoring issue:

  • Do you sleep on your back? Try sleeping on your side.
  • Quit smoking/vaping.
  • Avoid alcohol before bedtime.
  • New pillows, more pillows, supportive pillows.
  • Fewer pillows, maybe use just one good one.
  • Sleep in a reclining position instead of flat.
  • Lose some weight.

I saved the weight for last because of my personal story, as you can see from the pictures above I dropped a few pounds last year, 70 lbs actually, quite a bit. I still need to lose more but I feel so fantastic these days, I'm in no hurry. It's amazing what exercise and a good diet can do for you.

One benefit I didn't expect was how much better it made my snoring. You can see the weight difference on my neck, that extra poundage made quite an impact in my case. My wife says I still snore a little, but much softer than it was before the weight loss.

Snoring can be a very serious thing too, dangerous to your own health, the health of your partner, and the overall health of your relationship.

There are surgical options and CPAP machines that can help too. See your Doctor.

Keeping you up? - Canva
Keeping you up? - Canva

If you would like to learn more about snoring and ways to combat it, check out the article here for some good information.

Good luck!

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