Attention ladies, your iPhone is secretly cataloging your bra photos.

Apple introduced image recognition back in June of 2016 and stressed that the software that is used for object and scene detection is all done completely local on your device. After all it catalogs 4,432 different things like pies, nachos and makes it easy for you to do a search for them.

Just go to the photos app on your phone, then hit the hourglass and do a search for bra and bam, you see all the photos of you in your tank top, bikini, or bra.

So the question is, do people not know about the cataloging feature? Or is it troubling when you put in brassiere it shows all of your pictures in a bra tank top or swimsuit top. Even shots with bare skin and lingerie.

The real kicker is that men's underwear like boxers is not on the list of cataloged items, corsets are on the list but not men's briefs. You know that Google Photos has been doing this since 2015.

Via the Verge.

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