Last Friday night I had the chance to Dj the Pleasant Grove 8th Grade 'Glow in The Grove' dance.

I have dee jaying dances for longer than I care to admit, but this one dance I did over the weekend was pretty unique. The them for most of these 8Th grade dances has been a luau theme and this year it was different in that they did a little glow theme. It was pretty cool how all of the t shirts for the dance would glow under the black lights in the cafeteria where the dance was held. The really unique thing is how the class responded the an oldie but goodie YMCA by the Village People. They were really pumped about the song. And to be honest it was a stretch for me to play the song at all. My dj partner Jimmy suggested we try an older song to see if they would like it and to my surprise they loved it.