Shreveport band Irene & The Sleepers will be playing live at Play Hopkins Icehouse Friday night.

Irene & The Sleepers are made up of the following members , Kenny Densmore, AJ Lowring, Chris McPeters, Chris Rimmer, Brent Skinner.

Irene & The Sleepers say their sound is influenced by such artists as Tom Petty, Jack White, and Jimmy Eat World, just to name a few, these Shreveport natives are on a trek to keep rock and roll alive and kicking the old fashioned way, soaring guitars, a steady rhythm section, and desperate ambition. These southern boys are in it for the long haul, at least until the late nights, empty bottles, and black lungs catch up to them.

Check out Irene & The Sleepers with.

"Old Shoes and Picture Postcards" Tom Waits Cover