There is roadwork going on in the Texarkana area and you need to know about some areas that may affect your commute.

Road work continues on Interstate 30 in the eastbound and westbound lanes, they have recently repaved some sections of the Interstate as well as access roads in the Richon Road to Cowhorn Creek area. Some of this construction is going on during the day. Just last night they were repaving St. Michael Drive in from of Best Buy and the surrounding area. Make sure you give yourself extra time to get somewhere since this work was not listed as going on during the day.

The roadway will still have those awful concrete barriers. The work is going on 30 eastbound towards Litte Rock or westbound to Dallas from just west of Kings Highway in Nash all the way to the Jefferson Road exit in Texarkana, Arkansas. Please make sure to yield to those folks using the very short on-ramps that you will need to deal with if you are getting on or off the interstate.

Construction Worker

There is also some road construction happening on State Highway 98.  Anderson lane in the New Boston area is where this construction is going on. This is near the prison in New Boston will require the bridge to only be open in one lane with traffic lights controlling the flow of traffic in this area.

If your commute takes you on Highway 8 in Cass county the bridgework continues near the lake. The Malden Lake area of Lake Texarkana is the area where the new bridge is being installed so folks in the Douglasville and Maud area need to be aware of possible delays.

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