If you drive around town you will notice that we have a tremendous amount of road work going on in Texarkana and the surrounding area. With all of this road construction going on we need to take extra care to be safe and of course, plan our work or school commute to avoid being late.

In Texarkana construction continues on Interstate-30  From Kings Highway also known as FM 989 to the Arkansas State Line, widening highway. Reconstructing and widening highway. Motorists should watch for trucks and equipment pulling onto the interstate.

In Bowie County construction continues on State Highway 8  At the Sulphur River, replacing bridges. Also State Highway 98 At Anderson Creek, they are replacing the bridge. All traffic is restricted to one lane with signal lights controlling traffic through the work zone.

In Cass County, the bridgework continues at the Sulphur River.

In Harrison County construction continues on the Interstate-20 – At Lansing Switch Road underpass, they are building a new bridge over the interstate. Lansing Switch Road is closed to through traffic. Possible lane closures on Interstate-20.

US Highway 59 –has construction from one mile south of FM 1997 to FM 1793, they are installing a safety barrier cable. There will be daily lane closures.

State Highway 43 – At Kansas City Southern Railroad in Karnack, widening the bridge over the railroad. The northbound lanes will be closed with signal lights controlling one-way traffic.

In Marion County US Highway 59 – From State Highway 49 to two miles north of State Highway 49, repairing and resurfacing highway. Southbound outside lane closed for repairs.

In Panola County US Highway 59 (NE Loop) – From US Highway 59 North to US 79 East, repairing and resurfacing highway. On and off-ramps at US 59 and NE Loop closed, with traffic detoured accordingly. US 79 – From State Highway 149 to Rusk County Line, they are repairing and resurfacing the highway. There will be lane closures, and you need to expect delays.

In Titus County, State Highway 49 – From FM 1735 to the Morris County Line, they will be repairing and resurfacing the highway. State Highway 49 – From Business. 271 to Mount Pleasant City Limits, they are repairing and resurfacing the highway.

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