If you are like most folks Amazon is the go to place for gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. But you need to know about a scam that the Better Business Bureau is warning people about.

After you place your order you will get an email saying that your order cannot be shipped. In the body of the email there is a link for you to click and the page you land on  will ask for additional information from you. The Better Business Bureau says.

"The landing page looks really good. It could easily fool you. The page wants your full name and address. But worse, it wants your credit card information including your CVV, your three-digit security code on the back.  Never, never, never click the link that is provided in an email. Always go to the website directly."

The scammers are so good the pages look very convincing. Make sure you read the email completely. It is usually in the from on the email that gives it away. It is a company versus Amazon.


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