The new FaceApp is a way to see what you and your friends would look like with big smiles, when you're old, young or the opposite gender.

The app description says you can transform your face using “Artificial Intelligence,” which sounds a little terrifying FBI style. We tried here at the studios and had a blast seeing what Wes and JW looked like as women and as kids. I had to try mine, too, of course.


The icons next to each pic lets you know which filter has been applied because sometimes it's a little hard to decipher. You can take new pics or use anything from your library. Don’t bother trying to see what your dog would look like. I tried that already and the app can’t load anything except human faces.

FaceApp also loads all of the photos you filter into its servers so don’t use any pics you don’t want other people to see.

Download FaceApp for Android or Apple.

Here’s a how-to video to walk you through the steps of using the app.

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