Having a tough time getting started this morning? Mondays for me are the easiest probably because I have had a couple of days to think about what I want to do on Monday morning. Tuesday and the rest of the work week gets more difficult as it rolls on.

Check out these quick and easy ways to tweak your brain and get it reignited.

Mens Health offers these tips on how to jolt your brain to peak performance:

  • Chew Gum: Chewing gum raises your heart rate and helps with short term memory recall. Why? Either the faster heart rate delivers more O2 and glucose to the brain, or saliva triggers a surge of insulin, stimulating learning and memory receptors.
  • Listen to elevator music: The "Mozart effect" refers to the boost in spatial reasoning power caused by listening to one of his piano sonatas.
  • Do brain exercises: This will extend your dendrites, the antennae of your brains neurons.

Here's two exercises, one of the right (artistic) and left (logical) sides of the brain.

Right Brain: Arrange 5 toothpicks into the numeral 5. Then rearrange them into the number 16, without breaking any.

Left Brain: find the proverb in this string of vowel-less letters: RLL NGSTN GTH RSN MSS

Answers to the Brain Quiz -- Right Brain: Make Roman numerals, XVI. Left Brain: A rolling stone gathers no moss.